Working since 2017

About natavi

Natavi is a forward-thinking multidisciplinary innovation consultancy and investments firm.
We work collaboratively with leading global companies and institutions in pinpointing new opportunities for growth. And it’s our unique foundation of business astuteness that sets us apart. Our firm is headquartered in Abuja with a global clientele.

Our mission is to advise on and invest in technology-based corporates, Agribusiness, FMCG and startups which improve the sustainability of business activities.

To improve equity investments in creative technology companies and startups.

We help businesses to optimize and achieve maximum results with minimum time, effort, expense or risk.


Company Starts.

We began operations in 2017. We acquired our first 5 clients in less than 2 months of commencement of operations. We signed the next 4 anchor clients in the 3rd month of operations; this paved the road for growth that continues today.


Services Broadened

Natavi broadened its services to include: leadership development, coaching, management partnerships, process improvement strategies, strategic planning, governance, and conflict management.


Company is 10 people strong.

Addition of consultants covering more sectors and specialities.


Firm opens a branch office.

We now have a branch office in Lagos.