Frequently Asked Questions

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What do you do?

Natavi is a forward-thinking multidisciplinary innovation consultancy and investments firm.
We work collaboratively with leading global companies and institutions in pinpointing new opportunities for growth.

What are your Approaches?

We approach innovation, strategy and Enterprise from a different angle. Combining business logic with the deep insight of management research and analysis, we are able to provide new perspectives that ensure positive impact and innovate our Client’s businesses.

What are your qualifications?

We’re all experienced entrepreneurs. Many have MBAs from top schools, some have PhDs in their respective areas and various internationally recognized professional certifications.

What industry do you specialize?

We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry or technology quickly. Some of the markets we have served include Internet/e-commerce, distance education/e-learning, real estate, financial services, healthcare services, manufacturing, retail, food service, consumer products, media and entertainment, agribusiness, non-profit, professional & business services and emergent technologies.

Do you offer business advisory services?

We approach all our projects with a holistic approach. We believe that strategy is the most important aspect of a project, that offers the possibility to establish purposeful goals and objectives, to maximize the Return on your Investment. We offer advisory services at any point of the project as each project is part of a wider organisation and the latter many times needs strategic approach and support.

Can I become your client?

Everyone can become our client provided that you understand our approach. The investment in our services for your project is proportional to its size. Kindly give us a call to organize a first meeting which is offered gratis.

What does a consultation cost?

At the present time, we do not charge an initial consultation fee or request a retainer.  Our initial consultation is complimentary.  At any time we may decide to implement a consultation fee for future prospective clients.

How Do I Start?

Call us at +234-805-218-8731 and ask for an Audit. You’ll be connected with one of our consultants who will help you get started. We’ll set up a time for an interview so we can learn about your business. Then we’ll work with you to create a plan that helps you achieve your goals on a timeline that is affordable and makes sense for your business.

This may seem like a big job at the beginning, but with a Natavi Consultant you’ll have someone guiding you each step of the way.

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